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    Bergen County 2021 Flag Football


    SPRING 2021



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    About Us:

    • We are the American Instructional Football League (AIFL), a non-profit organization dedicated to building self-esteem in children by getting them active, teaching them football skills, and providing excellent role models to build character.
    • The AIFL is in partnership with both the NFL and Parisi Speed School. We are proud to be promoting the NFL's Play 60 program, which is dedicated to getting children active for 60 minutes per day. Flag football is an excellent way to do that!

    Important Information/Frequently Asked Questions:

    • All individual players will be auto rostered by the AIFL staff.
    • Admittance of organized teams will be permitted on a case by case basis with final determination by the commisioner.
    • Can my child request to be placed on the same team as a friend or with a particular coach? We guarantee one friend request only if your child is in Kindergarten or 1st grade level, but to make this possible you must provide at least two names of other participating children. All other players are auto rostered. We always encourage friend requests at the upper levels, but we make no guarantees.
    • I know I need to sign up through the aiflag.com website, but can I pay by check instead of credit card? Yes! Sign up through the website and click on the pay by check button.
    • When does the Fall 2020 Season begin? The 2020 Fall Season will start in early September (Sundays only).
    • Does my child need any special equipment to play? No. Part of your registration fee includes an official NFL reversible game jersey. It has a white side (Away Team) and a dark color side (Home Team). Your child will also receive a flag belt. We provide the footballs. Your child can wear turf cleats, but sneakers are also fine!
    • What is my child's commitment to the league? Every player will have at least one game per week (on Sunday) that runs for 50 minutes. Coaches can call additional practices, which normally take place the hour before their game.
    • Is there a discount if I register more than one child? Yes! We offer a multiple child discount if the children are members of the same family. The first child registers at full price and each additional child can register at a discounted rate.
    • Can I as a parent coach my child's team? Yes, in fact we are always looking for great coaches. We will teach you everything you need to know including how to warm up your team, plays to use, defensive strategies and tips on managing a team.

    Important Reminders:

    • If you register your child and then have to cancel your registration, please be aware that there will be an administrative fee deducted from your refund. As we get closer to the start of the season, refunds will not be issued.
    • We play rain or shine, but there could be a delay or postponement if lightning is present.

    We look forward to another great season of flag football! See you in April!

    Contact Us!
    Jeff Boucher
    Executive Director
    (201) 417-5729
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