Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the season begin?

A:  Check your local league page (from the options on the left) to see the schedule for your area.

Q: How do you register your child?

A. Go to and click the county button where you want to play. Then simply click the registration button and fill out the form!

Q:. How much is the registration fee?

A: Registration varies from league to league.  Your registration fee provides NFL Jersey, Flag Belt, which each player keeps, paid referees, and Parisi performance coaches working with the players and coaches.  Please note; though we do give refunds in particular situations, there is an administration fee which is non-refundable.

Q: Is there a multiple child discount?

A: Usually there is depending on the league.

Q: Can my child play on the same team with friends?

A: Yes, depending on the league - not all leagues accept / honor friend or Coach requests.  Your local league registration may have a note section where parents can make requests when you complete the registration form. This is not an option for all leagues. 

Q: How long is each game?

A: Games are 50 minutes with a running clock. Meaning that the only thing that stops the clock is a time-out.

Q: Are there practices?

A: There are no required practices, but with every practice the players get better. Most coaches do practice by bringing the team down 1 hour before game time and practicing before their game.

Q: How many players on each team?

A: This also varies from League to League.  K-3rd grades play 6 on 6. 4th grade and up play 5 on 5.

Q: Can parents coach?

A: Yes, we would love to have any parents that want to coach help out.