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    Bergen County Winter 2021 Speed Clinic

    WINTER 2021

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restictions we will require everyone to wear face masks upon entry and throughout the session. All children will be socially distanced during training. Parents will not be allowed to remain in the building during their child's training session. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but our space is limited and we must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the State of NJ.


    This 10-week clinic is brought to you by the American Instructional Football League in partnership with Parisi Speed School.

    Registration Fee: $230

    When: Sundays only, January 10th - March 21, 2021 (no clinic on February 7th - Super Bowl Sunday)

    2nd - 3rd: 12pm - 1pm

    4th - 5th: 1pm - 2pm

    6th - 7th - 8th: 2pm -3pm

    Where: Parisi Speed School - 516 Commerce St. Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

    Who: All athletes in grades K - 8th

    All participants will receive a Parisi Evaluation on their first day as a baseline so improvement can be measured.

    Training focus will be on the following:

    -Proper warm-up
    -Running mechanics
    -Core development
    -Full body strength
    -Linear speed
    -Injury prevention


    Is this program for serious athletes or the casual athlete?

    It's for all of the above, from the athlete who wants to play at the top level to the kid who wants to just finish in the top half of his/her gym class during the President's Fitness Challenge. We will help them meet their personal goals.

    What will my child learn?

    They will learn proper running mechanics, the importance of warming the body up and how to do it the right way. They will be taught how to develop their core, which is the most important aspect of the overall athlete.

    What does a typical session look like?

    It is one hour long with a warm-up, three 15-minute segments on some aspect of speed mechanics, core development, overall body strength or change of direction. It all ends with a cool down and review.

    Is the training specific to football or would all athletes benefit from the program?

    Our training can be applied to every sport. The individual will increase their own personal performance and is sure to get a big boost in self-confidence!